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Chinese Medicine as Treatment for Hair Loss

by on August 5, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

While other people resort to conventional treatment for hair loss, others rely on natural home remedies which are more accessible, more affordable – not to mention, safer in treating hair loss. Some of the most popular natural treatment for hair loss includes aromatherapy and ayurvedic treatment. Another natural treatment for hair loss which also receives significant attention is Chinese medicine.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional deficiencies and dysfunctions in the internal organs trigger hair loss. Specifically, it refers to the kidney and liver that when hampered of their normal functions for the body will result in hair loss.

When a person suffers frontal hair loss, he takes too much fluid and too many fruits. If he suffers hair loss in the crown, he is said to have excessive animal protein in the body. If the agonised region is in the vertex, drug intake is already excessive. For temporal hair loss, drug and sugar consumption is also excessive.

As a treatment for hair loss, Chinese medicine starts with encouraging better blood circulation in the scalp

by going straight to the cause of hair loss. A lot of chinese herbs have been proven to stimulate hair regrowth by improving blood circulation, maintaining hormonal balance, and strengthening kidney function. He Shou Wu and Dabao are two herbs used as treatment for hair lossHe Shou Wu or Polygoni Multiflori stimulates hair regrowth by changing finer hair into thicker hair. Likewise, it slows down the normal graying of the hair. The root of the He Shou Wu does the wonder so it has to be consumed. He Shou Wu is not only used as treatment for hair loss, it also improves kidney and liver functions and strengthens bone and cartilage.

Dabao is also another Chinese herb that does hair regrowth wonders. In fact, a study proved the effectiveness of this herb in treating male pattern baldness.

Roasted sesame seeds are a rejuvenative tonic. Sesame seeds are rich in methionine that improves the texture and quality of the hair. Methionine is in fact in some hair loss products.

Chinese medicine is comparable to ayurvedic treatment for hair loss in that both utilize herbs. Proven effective to treat alopecia, Chinese medicine is ideal for people who don’t want surgical, chemical, and invasive solutions for his/her hair loss problem. More importantly, this is ideal for those who have enough patience to see results.

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