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Facts and Fictions of Hair Loss

by on October 15, 2014 in hair loss solutions


Have you heard about the truths and lies of hair loss? Have you applied it? Do you believe in it? Did you prove it? Do you really know what is true or not?

Well today, I will discuss about the most common hair facts and fictions that you probably know

Fact: Stress Can Cause Hair Loss

Actually, there are two types of hair loss that causes us to stress. First is the Telogen Effluvium. The hair stops growing and fall out 2 or 3 months later and grows back within 6 – 9 months. Second one is Alopecia Areata. A white blood cells that attack on hair follicles. The hair falls out with weeks, but can involve the entire scalp and even body hair. Hair grows back on its own, but it will be required for treatment.

Fact: Thyroid Problems Cause Hair Loss

Hair Follicles have also cycled: hair regrowth and resting stages. Most of the time our hair is busy with growing and has little time for resting. If our hair does a lot of resting than growing this can lead to hair loss, balding and hair thinning. What does it do with thyroid disease? Hair Growth depends on the proper operation of the thyroid gland, abnormal levels of thyroid hormone produced by this gland can result in hair changes, along with many other side effects, if left untreated.

Fiction: The Use of Hair Gel

Hair gel can’t be the cause of hair loss. This is possible if not treated properly. To minimize worries, proper cleaning or shampooing every day, making scalp clean and make sure to wash off gel before sleeping.

Fiction: Hereditary  Especially in Female Side of Family

No. This is not true! This can inherit from both families. But according to studies, many women experience hair loss / baldness than men.

Partly Fact: Sun Exposure Causes Hair Problems

While Ultraviolet or UV rays cause serious problems in the skin like cancer and aging, it doesn’t interrupt any of the processes in the hair follicles. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays can disrupt the hair cuticle, making strands prone to dullness, breakage and frizz.

Fiction: Everyday Use of Shampoo Can Cause Hair Fall

People worried when they saw their hair falling after shampooing. But don’t worry! Truth is, hair follicles shed hair all the time. It is as many as 100 – 200 hair falls each day. Remember, a new one grows in place once the follicle fall of.

Fiction: Baldness Can’t Be Treated

Yes it can be treated! What’s the use of the new hair loss treatments that developed every day? This is made for people who suffer from baldness and want to experience hair again. There are government-endorsed medications and items, laser hair treatments that promote hair regrowth and even scalp transplants that give individuals another head of hair in a matter of days. Also, the developments in wigs and hairpieces can be an option too.

Fiction: Baldness Occurs If You Wear Cap All the Time

People assumed that wearing tight hats can cause pattern baldness or hair loss. Hair Loss simply means as alopecia. Hair Loss can cause by genetics, scalp infections and stress.

About InnovaDerma™

Headquartered in London and with fully owned subsidiaries in Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and Hong Kong, InnovaDerma™ is one of the fastest growing company offering clinically proven and highly effective products for male and female hair loss sufferers globally under its brand Leimo® along with an increasing range of products for hair care and clinically proven devices for body contouring and skincare including TriPollar Stop &TriPollar Pose.

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