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Hair Care Basics for Men

by on July 22, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

Men do care about their hair and also follow hair care basics contrary to popular belief. They also make a fuss about a fleck of dandruff, coarseness or graying. Whether in a social or professional setting, hair is crucial to making the first impression. So as girls have a feminine hair care basics, men can also follow more than a wash-and-go regimen without losing an ounce of their testosterone. Here’s how.

Cleanse and condition

A lot of men could care less about shampooing and conditioning with the right products. However, because men’s scalp are attractive to dandruff, flakes and build-up, it is all the more necessary for them to find the right products and routinely follow hair care basics. Conditioning is also something most men find unnecessary and vain. But conditioning is helpful in transforming damaged hair. It helps moisturise the hair and scalp, sometimes preventing hair or scalp problems from occurring. There is a consensus among experts that it is generally safe to use a mild shampoo and light conditioner for everyday use.

The right products matter

Just as it is necessary to find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair care basics, it is also necessary to find the right and good products for styling. For instance, if you have really dry hair, don’t go for anything with alcohol content. Go for moisturising and softness-enhancing gel or mousse, perhaps. If you have an oily-scalp, use water-based products because they can regulate oil production. If possible, choose mild products, those which contain herbal ingredients aloe vera, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil.

Get regular trims

Schedule a date to the parlor and get a trim at least once in every 6-8 weeks. Getting a trim creates the appearance of fuller of hair because it helps get rid of the split ends.

Treat hair loss/thinning

Hair loss is probably the most depressing hair problem for a lot of men.

“There is no one treatment that answers all hair loss problems. But there are a lot of ways and tricks to prevent further balding and conceal the affected areas, and it can be done with the perfect hair care basics.”

Baldness can be treated nowadays through laser treatment, herbal medicine, DHT-blockers, vasodilators and/or hair transplantation.

The easiest way to conceal the balding on the other hand is a right haircut. In case of mild hair loss, a messy bedhead hair or buzz cut, caesar cut, and of course with a perfect DIY hair care basics, can do trick. For severe hair loss, a clean shave is good. Of course, a shaven look does not suit everyone but who knows whether you’re one of those who look perfect with it.


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