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Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

by on July 21, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional swimmer, you probably knew that salt or chlorinated water can cause damage on the health and quality of your hair strands.

That being the case, before you try to hit the beach or the pool, you need to learn some

Essential hair care tips and guidelines to prevent having dry, brittle and frizzy hair strands

By learning and applying these helpful hair care tips, you can ensure that the beauty and health of your mane will not be jeopardised by your love for swimming.

So, if you are ready, read on these essential —before and after—hair care tips to protect your hair from damage as well as to hinder the possible onset of hair discoloration and hair loss due to harsh elements found in beaches and swimming pools.

Pre-swimming Hair Care Tips

  • Take a shower.

Before going for a swim, be sure to wet your hair with the use of non-chlorinated water. This hair care tip will saturate your hair with clean water, making the hair roots absorb less amount of salt or chlorine.

  • Apply a leave-on conditioner. 

To protect your hair from the harsh effects of chlorine or salt water, use a leave-on conditioner. By applying a leave-on conditioner, you can reduce the absorption of too much chlorine or salt water onto the cuticles of the hair shaft; preventing the onset of dry, brittle and frizzy hair.

  • Make use of a swimming cap.   

Donning a swimming cap, which is made from latex, silicone or lycra, is the easiest hair care tip to prevent the hair from getting dry and damaged due to the harsh chemicals present in the pool and the beach.

Post-swimming Hair Care Tips

  • After 30–minute, rinse your hair with water. 

To keep the saturation of chlorine or salt water at a minimum, you need to rinse your hair with non-chlorinated water after every half hour.

  • After every swim, wash your hair with non-chlorinated water.

To protect your strands from the harsh elements found in the pool or the beach, you must follow these hair care tips. Make sure to rinse your hair with warm and non-chlorinated water for a period of 3–5 minutes. During washing, make sure to use a natural clarifying shampoo to get rid of the salt or chlorine that is trapped on the hair. In addition, be sure to re-apply a natural leave-on conditioner after washing your hair to prevent the strands from becoming damage, dry and brittle. Follow these hair care tips to protect your hair and keep it.

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