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Hair Care Tips for Balding Men

by on August 4, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is one of the few things that bring men down. Sure, men go bald all the time. In fact, nearly 50% of the male adult population are bald. But this doesn’t change the way it affects a man’s ego. It can hold him back from getting a potential partner or engaging in other social activities. On the lighter note, there are ways to still look good despite the baldness. There are now a number of hair care tips and treatments that can help stop hair loss.

Do take care of your hair

Be gentle with your hair especially now that it’s become scarcer. Let it air dry instead using the blow dryer. Don’t rub wet hair against the towel. Don’t use a narrow-toothed comb when it’s wet. It will damage the cuticle, the protective layer of the hair, breaking the shaft in the process. This may worsen hair loss. Your best hair care tips in removing remaining moisture, use the towel and pat it gently.

Do get the right haircut

Regardless of the severity of your baldness, following a hair care tips that suits you and a great haircut will work to conceal your baldness. It could be a textured crop, Caesar cut, or a buzz cut, which are really good concepts to mask thin hairs. If there’s barely anything at all, who knows if a smooth shaven head can add tons to your sex appeal?

Do keep your hair and scalp clean

The best hair care tips can be as simple as a good hair growth shampoo and a thickening conditioner. These products must also be free of harmful chemical products like parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, or sodium lauryl sulfate. As much as possible, try those that use organic ingredients instead. Keeping your scalp and hair clean will augment the effects of your hair loss treatment.

Don’t use too much product

Minimise your use of gels or mousse. In the first place, you have less need of these styling products now that your hair is diminishing. Worse, they can contain ingredients which may be toxic to your follicles.

Daily hair care tips can also include treatments

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and minoxidil are also promising hair restorative techniques. Minoxidil has side effects but they can be tolerable. LLLT has no documented side effects, on the other hand, and it has been reported to work as effectively as minoxidil.

Finasteride is undeniably the most popular drug for treating hair loss. However, with the increasing number of reports about its side effects, it’s difficult to say it’s promising. Finasteride has been linked to several sexually related disorders. Saw palmetto is a better counterattack. It is the herbal version of finasteride but it doesn’t pose the side effects known of the latter.

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