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Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Problem

by on July 23, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

The psycho-social aspects of living with hair loss and hair thinning problem can be quite challenging. Oftentimes, people who experienced this cosmetic condition feel a certain amount of self-consciousness that comes from the fear that they would undergo drastic change in terms of their physical appearance.

For years, people’s views on hair loss and hair thinning problem have been overwhelmingly negative. That being said, dealing with this condition can be difficult and upsetting.

Here are some views regarding the psycho-social impact of hair loss and hair thinning problem among individuals.

  • The start of hair loss marks the end of an individual’s youthfulness.

Studies revealed that individuals who had more profound hair loss and hair thinning problem were more dissatisfied with their appearance. Since hair loss creates a drastic change on a person’s physical appearance, for some people, experiencing this cosmetic condition may signal the end of their youth and beauty. Others also believe that hair loss and thinning conditions can make them appear older than their real age.

  • Hair loss induces dissatisfaction with appearance, resulting to lower self-esteem.

Studies have shown that people with hair loss and hair thinning problem are less confident about their body image. Hair loss is, in fact, considered one of the major reasons people suffer from low self-esteem. People who experienced hair loss tend to feel insecure and less confident. They worry about how the world and the people around them will see them, thereby affecting their self-worth and resulting to lower self-confidence.

  • Hair loss can pave the way for depression and introversion.

With lowered self-esteem due to hair loss, a person may succumb to depression. Research showed that people with hair loss and hair thinning problem have higher levels of anxiety. This is because some hair loss victims become the subject of teasing and scorn. With that, people who worry too much about their hair loss condition get highly distressed about it, up to the point of getting into depression.

  • Hair loss can put an end on your social, professional and personal life.

Hair is referred to as the crowning glory. Upon meeting people, one of the first things they notice is the hair. That being said, people who are affected with hair loss and hair thinning problem become aware how this condition affects his/her life. Some individuals who are losing their hair feel uncomfortable about their situation that they tend to become unsociable and introverted. These feelings if not properly addressed, might soon intensify and later become insecurities that can affect an individual’s personal and professional life.

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