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Hair Loss Solutions: Best and Effective

by on July 23, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

A person may suddenly buy numerous hair loss solutions whenever he or she is targeted with hair thinning or hair loss. Alopecia excuses no one; this can also target children, and is most common in adult men and women.

“Choosing the right hair loss solutions can be very critical”

as various hair treatments develop abundantly in the wide market nowadays.

Treatments that contain natural ingredients can be very advantageous in battling such condition and choosing the right one may just save ones head to going bald. Some hair loss solutions contain botanicals that act to lessen the harmful effects of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the hair follicle. DHT is a very strong hormone that is produced as a derivative or a by-product of the hormone testosterone which is proven to be the main cause of hereditary hair loss or also known as “Male and Female Pattern Baldness”.

Researchers and medical experts have discovered a potent herb used to treat genetic hair loss which is the Saw Palmetto herb. For individuals who wish to halt their hair loss problem and expect hair re-growth, they should consider choosing hair loss solutions that contain saw palmetto extracts. This herb is one of the most highly recognised hair loss solutions today and a very potent DHT inhibitor which works as an active anti-androgen that functions similarly of how a finasteride targets and combats DHT in the body if taken orally and in the scalp if applied topically.

Hair loss solution containing saw palmetto extracts alleviate DHT levels in the scalp thus can also stimulate hair re-growth. The best example of a hair loss solution that has the natural ingredient of saw palmetto is Leimo. Leimo is a system that provides specially designed shampoo, conditioner, scalp therapy, serum, and scrub. The Leimo scalp therapy day treatment is formulated with saw palmetto extracts to efficiently block further DHT production in the scalp and is proven to stimulate significant hair regrowth too. Saw palmetto extracts is the main ingredient that other hair loss solutions nowadays are utilising. Proficient and reputable hair care specialists reckon this active ingredient to be very beneficial and effective in the treatment of hair loss for both men and women of every age.

Generally, the Leimo hair loss solution is distinctly made to treat hair loss efficiently as it aids in inhibiting further formation of DHT in the scalp and then restores the scalp to promote healthy hair re-growth. Leimo also provides a unique and intricately designed hand-held cordless laser comb. This device specifically works in stimulating the hair follicles to grow new hair by using low level laser therapy (LLLT) and light emitting diode therapy (LEDT). Leimo is extremely effective and is 100 percent safe and cannot produce any side effects.


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