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Hair Loss Treatment at Home

by on August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


Aside from a cure, people suffering from hair loss are looking for a safe and effective treatment for their problem, if not something they can do privately, a hair loss treatment at home. Most of the popular treatments nowadays may not only be inappropriate for all but may also produce negative side-effects. Some clinic-based treatments, on the other hand, come in steep price tags but may produce poor results.

Now, there is an effective and safe hair treatment for hair loss which can be done in the comforts of the home – the laser combs.

Laser Comb for Hair Loss Treatment at Home

A laser comb is a personal handheld device that uses a certain type of phototherapy to treat hair thinning and/or mild cases of hair loss. Designed as a personal device, a laser comb is very easy to use and portable, and indeed literally – a hair loss treatment at home.

Laser therapy accelerates hair regrowth with the use of an artificial light source, specifically low level laser or light emitting diodes.

Light therapy has been so many things before it even became a hair loss treatment at home. The types of light used in light therapy is said to have several therapeutic effects on the living cells, hence the acclaim. It is a very popular therapeutic alternative in the cosmetic (e.g., skin care) and medical (e.g., chronic pain relief, tissue repair, and treating addiction) industries. In the hair industry, it has been used to treat mild to moderate cases of hair loss. Hair clinics and salons have been using this therapy for their clients for the same purpose.

Photobiostimulation is a natural process which laser combs stimulate on a cellular level. Through photobiostimulation, light energy becomes chemical energy which is used to improve cellular productivity. When the hair cells get excited, they accelerate better blood circulation and especially reverse hair loss.

Most laser combs only use low level lasers while others use it together with light emitting diodes (e.g., Leimo Personal Hair Laser) for optimum results. Light-emitting diodes particularly improve the blood circulation in the scalp while low-level laser stimulates the hair follicles to manufacture new hair. Leimo, a hair loss treatment at home, is basically what it says it does. It is so portable that you can even put it in your bag and carry with you in case you travel.

Unlike other conventional treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride, laser combs are safe for both men and women. They involve no medication, surgeries, or any negative side-effects.

Compared to clinic-based laser therapy, laser combs are cheaper albeit similarly effective. In fact, there are no comparisons at all. Laser combs are bought at a one-time expense while laser clinics may charge up to $5,000 for a 6- to 12-month session.

Laser combs are a safe and effective hair loss treatment at home. It is the only alternative treatment for both men and women with mild to moderate cases of pattern hair loss.

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