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Effective Hair Loss Treatment in Natural Ways

by on June 26, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment


When you experience hair loss, you would be wishing that you had all the hair loss treatment products and resources in the world just so you could be sure that it would grow back faster. Most of the time, those who have enough resources are the only ones who are able to finance the treatments. These hair loss treatment costs are of no joke at all and not everyone has the capability to shell out money for something quite expensive for a period of time. Those who are into natural and alternative medicine would say though that the clinical procedures and prescriptions are not the only hair loss treatment products or system available.

There are home  hair loss treatment options that could actually help to re-grow the hair

Here is a run-down of some hair loss treatment and remedies that you could grow in your backyard:


Aloe Vera - Hair Loss Treatment

Aloe Vera. The plant’s gel can be used to calm irritated skin. It is also known to have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It could be massaged onto the scalp so that the gel could restore the PH balance of the hair and scalp as it also seals in the moisture content of the hair. This makes it an excellent alternative for commercial conditioners. Aside from protecting the scalp and hair, the gel from the plant stimulates hair production making it a top choice among herbal hair loss treatment products.

Green Tea - Hair Loss Treatment

Green Tea. Everyone knows that green tea is a popular plant and herbal remedy all over the world. It is believed that the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase found in green tea is its most potent component. Some of those who use herbal medicines and remedies claim that they experience reduce of the risk of male pattern baldness by drinking several cups of green tea or through taking the capsule on a daily basis. This is also said to be among one of the top choices for hair loss treatment products.

horesetail - hair loss treatment

Horesetail. This herb is traditionally used to treat genitor-urinary system problems. However, it is also recognised to have high content of silica which helps repair the connective tissues of the skin, stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate the hair. Most of the hair loss treatment products released in the market to fight pattern baldness contain horsetail.

rosemary - hair loss treatment

Rosemary. This is applied in the scalp by mixing the essential oil to any neutral oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of the plant is known to help stop falling hair and to stimulate hair growth making it a top choice as ingredient in most hair loss treatment products available.

algae extracts - hair loss treatment

Algae extracts. Seaweeds are known to have curative power because of the high essential amino acid, minerals and vitamin contents of these plants. About four hundred species out of the thousands of these plants and has been used for different purposes in medicine, skin care and plant propagation. The anti-oxidant properties of these plants are known to reduce and heal the damages of the scalp and hair as well as these provide rich source of essential building blocks that help in growing new hair. Although these plants could not be planted and harvested from your backyard, they are made readily available in capsules, oils and other convenient packaging in most of the hair loss treatment products.

So for ones who think clinical procedures could be a little too expensive for their pocket, alternative treatments for hair loss abound so that they would not have to spend so much to solve their thinning hair problems.


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