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Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid

by on September 4, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment


Whether we are in a hurry and we style our hair the fastest way possible, or we are just sitting around, experimenting for the best hair look, cut, or color – admit it, you might have done a few mistakes to your locks. These are the most common mistakes us women commit:

Avoid these hair mistakes and get healthier tresses!

Waiting for forever to cut your locks

Although some women might prefer the long-haired look, waiting for months before you get a cut is counterproductive for hair growth. One of the problems with letting your mane grow too long is that your stylist will find it hard to follow the previous cut (this is a hassle especially to women who would like to keep a ‘signature look’!). Make it a point to get a trim once every six weeks or so, to get rid of split ends, and at the same time achieve healthier tresses, and a fresher look.

Washing hair every day

Contrary to advertisements and to popular belief, it isn’t a good thing to wash your mane every day. It needs to get the healthy oils it naturally produces, which is removed by excess shampooing, thus keeping your locks dry. Keep it balanced by shampooing every other day and using a volumizing conditioner.

Going Max on Heat

The heat doesn’t keep your style in place – the air from your dryer just usually does the trick. Putting the heat level too high only results to damaged locks, since the excess heat fries and frizzies your tresses. Instead, opt for the ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ air setting and take a little more time in styling your mane.

Brushing Wet Locks

Your hair is ready to style only when it’s around 80% dry, so trying to style it when its dripping wet is simply pointless and will only lead to breakage. Brushing your wet locks only stresses out the hair fibers and makes the tangled strands snap.

Too Much Moisture

Don’t get dragged along by those advertisements encouraging you to go on “all-moisture” on your locks: too much will end up giving you the opposite effect. Excess moisture will leave your tresses feel lifeless and look too flat and weighed-down. Instead, apply just a dab each morning, focusing on the tips (instead of the roots), the driest and the most damaged part of your locks.

Styling your mane and looking good doesn’t have to risk the health of your locks in the process. Following these small steps and incorporating them to your daily styling regimen, you’ll have better, glowing hair than ever.

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