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Hair Regrowth Treatments for Men

Hair regrowth treatments can help in reducing hair loss, especially in most men. Some of these might include genetics, diet, lifestyle, and the amount of stress encountered in a day. To help relieve and lessen hair loss, here are a few tips and ideas that you might want to try:

Hair Regrowth Treatments available in the market for men

Natural Remedies

Natural hair regrowth treatments include dietary changes, de-stressing, and taking a few supplements. Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. These can be found in fish such as salmon, cereal, salads, and walnuts.  For supplements, try taking those containing the essential fatty acid GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid), in the form of black currant oil or evening primrose oil. These supplements come in soft gels or capsules and are available in health food stores in your area.

Better Hair Care

One of the way to reduce hair fall is to treat your hair with utmost care. Avoid rough brushing of hair especially when it is wet, as this is when your hair is most brittle. Allow it to air-dry as much as possible, avoiding excessive usage of hair dryers and hair styling products such as curling rods and straightening irons. Other hair regrowth treatments involve the reduction of excessive tension on hair caused by hairstyles such as braids, tight buns, and especially ponytails. Twisting or pulling hair is also discouraged, as this may result to hair breakage and hair fall.

Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy is a process that is similar to hair regrowth shampoos: they don’t actually help you grow new hair; it just makes most of the hair left on your head. Still, the laser light therapy is non-invasive, painless, and has no major side effects. Most of laser light treatments come in handheld devices, so it is ready to use anytime. Laser light therapy is a hair regrowth treatment that is best for men and women who experience increased shedding of hair, to help maintain the hair left on the head.

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair replacement surgeries are by far considered as the best methods of hair regrowth available in the market. There are two best options for this. One is called the “strip method” of hair replacement, where a strip of hair is removed by a doctor from the back of your head, and each hair graft is dissected under a microscope, and is planted individually onto thin areas of your scalp by tiny incisions made on your head. Another hair replacement surgery is called a Follicular Unit Extraction (also known as FUE). This hair regrowth treatment is a “scarless” hair transplant wherein grafts are harvested one by one with tiny punches that heal fast and undetected. This is best for people who wear their hair short, like most men.

Conventional treatments work best if causes of hair loss are identified, such as medications, hormonal deficiencies, genetics, and possible medical conditions. Whichever hair regrowth treatment works for you, it is best to remember that proper care is the key to better hair.

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