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Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy

by on July 15, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment

When it comes to laser hair regrowth therapy, laser therapies don’t come to mind first. In fact, it can be taken for a hair removal process – not the other way around. This is a serious misconception. It is true that lasers are popularly used in the medical field mostly during surgeries. However, this refers to a non-therapeutic type of laser – the one which is not used in laser hair regrowth therapy.

There are two types of lasers: high level laser and low level laser. For hair regrowth, a low level laser is used. Low level laser is a coherent low power light which doesn’t produce heat, sound, or vibration. Therefore, low level laser cannot remove the hair nor cut through or burn skin as opposed to high level lasers. What it does is exactly otherwise.

Low level laser has been utilised for more than 30 years primarily for wound healing, alcohol addiction, and treating other several conditions. Since hair loss has always been a tormenting problem to half of the world’s population—both men and women, low level laser therapy is also now being used in the hair care industry as a laser hair regrowth therapy.

The credit goes to Professor Endre Mester who, around 1960s, incidentally discovered how hair grew faster and thicker under low level laser light. Today, low level lasers are used for cosmetic development as approved by the FDA.

“laser hair regrowth therapy is as competent as other hair loss treatments that may come as medications or hair replacement systems”

Also it doesn’t have any side-effects and considered as a non-significant risk laser according to international standards.

Laser hair regrowth therapy is said to work on the principle of photo-biostimulation wherein light energy becomes cellular energy. This revitalises the mitochondria and increases ATP production – compels resting hair to go back into growth phase. Another study, on the one hand, stated that laser hair regrowth therapy improves the blood circulation in the scalp – allowing hair restoration.

Still little is scientifically known about laser therapy. Its effect could only be limited to the 2,500 studies done about it. Compared to other treatments, laser therapy is probably the only less explored treatment. But it doesn’t mean it is in any way less effective. In fact, a peer-reviewed journal indicated that handheld hair laser regrowth devices are effective in moderating the progression of hair loss. Only that, it only treats mild cases of pattern baldness or hair loss.

Laser hair regrowth therapies can be performed in clinics or at home. Clinical laser therapies are typically conducted at least twice a week for the first 6 weeks and for the next 4 months, once a week. Home therapy, that is using a handheld device, should be done once a day for 10 minutes at least. Results can already show as early as 12 weeks and within a full year, there should already be visible results.

Office-based laser therapy is pricier than handheld laser devices.  Still, trying a laser hair regrowth therapy system may produce results one never had with other forms of treatments.


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