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LEIMO Personal Hair Laser: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use

by on June 26, 2014 in Hair Loss Treatment


Today, beauty companies make use of lasers to treat and cater to various hair loss conditions. One of the companies that produce laser products is LEIMO®. The LEIMO® personal hair laser is the world’s first cordless laser tool for hair loss and hair care, using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This type of therapy is a treatment that utilizes intense light beams to burn, cut, or destroy tissue.

Laser therapy for hair loss is being utilized for various medical purposes and not just to treat hair loss. The laser beam is very small and accurate; it allows the doctors to safely treat tissue even without harming the surrounding area. Laser therapy can be used to eliminate growths or cauterize blood vessels.

The Leimo Hair Laser promotes better blood flow by expanding the capillaries and veins on the scalp. Revitalisations of the hair follicles are encouraged by the nourishing laser light. This laser therapy for hair loss massages blood vessels with its laser therapy and the stimulating bar made of urethane rubber. This efficiently rejuvenates spots on the scalp by increasing blood circulation through a massage and acupuncture effect.

Here’s how to effectively use the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser tool:

A. Treatment

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy

Put the hair laser tool directly over your head, covering one part of your scalp. Move approximately 1cm apart every 10 seconds to ensure coverage. Do so until all parts of the scalp has been laser-treated, from the front of the hairline to the back of the head.

Return the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser tool to the charging cradle after use. Ensure that the tool is kept charged by seeing to it that the indicator lamp is turned on to a GREEN color. RED indicates that the tool is running out of battery. Keep the charging cradle on to maintain battery life and keep the laser tool charged.

The average duration of each laser treatment is 10 minutes, and the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser tool will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of use. If you missed a session, then add 10 minutes to your next treatment. A maximum total of 70 minutes of treatment is recommended in each week period.

Some users of the LEIMO Hair Laser tool might experience a warm, tingling sensation upon using the tool – this is perfectly normal. The LEIMO Personal Hair Laser makes use of a cold beam laser, which does not emit nor utilize heat for treatment.

B. Maintenance

Leimo Maintenance


The LEIMO Personal Hair Laser tool takes approximately 10 hours to charge. The color of the charging lamp will turn ‘red’ during the charging cycle and will turn ‘green’ once full.

C. Safekeeping


Keep the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser and the hair and scalp care products clean and free from contaminants and dust. Keep tightly closed. Do not use an alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, hot water or chemicals when cleaning the product.

Provide a secure and safe position for the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser storage as sudden impacts will damage the device.

Do not expose the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser and the hair and scalp care products in direct sunlight or in humid areas.  Keep the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser in the charging cradle with power ON at all times.

To know more about the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser and avail of our exciting promos and discounts, sign up for a free trial! Contact us at 1800-280-250 to speak to our hair loss specialist and start saving your hair today.


About InnovaDerma™
Headquartered in London and with fully owned subsidiaries in Australia, Philippines, New Zealand and Hong Kong, InnovaDerma™ is one of the fastest growing company offering clinically proven and highly effective products for male and female hair loss sufferers globally under its brand Leimo® along with an increasing range of products for hair care and clinically proven devices for body contouring and skincare including TriPollar Stop &TriPollar Pose.

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