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Simple Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

by on October 9, 2014 in hair loss solutions


As they say, prevention is always better than cure. For conditions such as hair loss, it is indeed better to avoid the stress and the shedding rather than to stop it when it does happen. A lot of ways are found to be effective in preventing the shedding of your strands, organic and inorganic. Take note that it is normal to shed strands daily. Usually, we let go of at least 50-100 strands as we go on with our day – this amount is perfectly normal, as the scalp gives way to regrow new hair. However, if the shedding seems to go beyond the usual, that should be a cause for worry. Causes of shedding include hormonal shifts, unhealthy diet, high levels of stress, medication, and thyroid issues. Few of the ways to prevent hair loss are the following:

A. Scalp Massage

Hair Loss - Scalp Massage A good scalp massage is effective in preventing excessive shedding, as the massage helps promote blood flow. When the blood flow around the hair follicles is regulated, the hair roots are strengthened. Make it a habit to massage your scalp at least twice or thrice a week to help your hair not only feel healthy and shiny, but also rid it of excess hair loss.

B. Hair Oils

Hair Loss - hair oils Similar to the rest of your body, your locks also need the proper nutrition to grow and strengthen. Along with the scalp massage, these essential oils help prevent hair loss in different ways. There are three basic types of hair oils: Carrier Oils Hair Loss - carrier oils Also called base oils, carrier oils are diluted first with essential oils before applied to the skin for massage. Herbal Oils Hair Loss - herbal oilsThese oils are made of herbs and can be directly massaged to the scalp to prevent hair loss. Examples of herbal oils include coconut oils, olive oils, as well as almond oils. Coconut oils are considered as the best essential oil used for hair loss. Coconut oils help prevent the hair strands from losing their natural moisture, and the lauric acid in this oil contain antibacterial properties that keep infections away from the scalp. Olive oils are a good source of antioxidants and give excellent nourishment to your hair. When battling hair loss, use extra virgin olive oil, as this has better properties such as Vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids that counter excessive shedding. Almond oil, on the other hand, contains vitamins D, E, iron, magnesium, as well as fats and calcium. It can be used as a good herbal oil (since it can be applied directly to the scalp) or an essential oil to be mixed with carrier oils. Essential Oils Hair Loss - essential oils   Essential oils can be mixed with carrier or base oils before being applied to the scalp to make most out of its effects. Lavender Oils Hair Loss - lavender aromatherapy Lavender oils contain antioxidants and has antifungal and antiseptic properties. It removes dandruff, relieves itching, and regulates excessive hair loss. In fact, lavender oils serve as an organic treatment to alopecia areata, a form of baldness in men and women. Rosemary Oils Hair Loss - Rosemary Essential Oil Extracted from rosemary leaves, this essential oil is also used to treat milder cases of alopecia areata. Rosemary oils stimulate the hair roots, and increases blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth. Geranium Oils Hair Loss - geranium-oil Good for both dry and oily hair, geranium oil works on the sebaceous glands on the scalp and helps regulate sebum, strengthening hair, making them smooth and silky.


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