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Hair Regrowth: Top Vitamins and Minerals

by on October 8, 2014 in Hair Regrowth


Ever wondered how the chemical products on your hair work to promote hair regrowth? These products contain some vitamins and minerals that are known to promote growth of your locks. Here are some of them:

hair regrowth - Biotin for HairBiotin

Biotin is commonly found in most products targeting hair loss and is usually added in hair regrowth shampoos.


hair regrowth - Vitamin B ComplexB Complex Vitamins

The most famous B-Complex vitamins include biotin, niacin, and cobalamin. These help restore the health, shine, and thickness to your locks. B-complex vitamins can be found in whole grains, legumes, and avocadoes. These vitamins also help your hair grow faster.

hair regrowth - vitamin-dVitamin D

Vitamin D is important in the hair follicle cycle, as it is used to promote healthy follicle growth. Vitamin D is not only taken from the rays of the sun, but is also usually taken as a dietary supplement.. Grains, beef liver, salmon and mushroom are good sources of this vitamin.


hair regrowth - Vitamin E - Hair Loss Shampoo

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps promote a healthier scalp and encourages healthier hair regrowth. Aside from hair care products, this vitamin can also be found in different types of foods as well as in dietary supplements. Enough supply of Vitamin E in your system helps give you hair that looks, feels, and grows better.

hair regrowth - vitamin AVitamin A

Vitamin A is an effective antioxidant and has a lot of health properties. Although this may also come in the form of supplements, foods containing Vitamin A is always better since excess amounts may be counterproductive in hair regrowth. It is also best to consult your doctor for more information.

hair regrowth - Iron-Foods


Lack of iron not only causes weakness in the body, it is also unhealthy for the hair. Iron is in charge of taking oxygen in all parts of the body, including the hair, and promotes hair regrowth. Although important, the right amount of iron you should take should be consulted with a physician first. Foods rich in iron include egg yolks, lentils, spinach, as well as chicken meat.

hair regrowth  - zincZinc

Zinc is lost with heavy exercise. To restore your natural zinc levels, munch on foods rich in zinc such as lamb, turkey, pumpkin seeds, as well as chocolate.

hair regrowth - Vitamin C for Collagen ProductionVitamin C

Not only used for the immune system, Vitamin C is also used as an antioxidant and a hair regrowth product. Citrus fruits provide the best amounts of Vitamin C. You may also take this vitamin in supplement form if you feel like you aren’t maintaining the right levels of Vitamin C.


Whether you are aiming for hair regrowth or just want to improve or maintain the health of your locks, these vitamins are the best ones to take. Remember that the other vitamins are important as well! A balanced diet must be maintained not only for a healthy body but also for healthy locks.


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